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Starting and Charging

Starting and Charging

Often times customers bring their vehicles to us for either a charging system malfunction light or because their car won’t spin-over/won’t start. Typically, the charging system malfunction light means an issue with the alternator or battery. A car that won’t spin-over and won’t start is more than likely a problem with the battery or starter. BB’s Euromotors is very familiar with these issues and can diagnose the problem quickly.

Most non-hybrid vehicles use a closed circuit electric system that operates on 12 volts DC. The charging system includes the alternator, voltage regulator, and connected wiring. Its purpose is to keep the battery charged while the vehicle is being operated.

The alternator is driven by the accessory drive belt system. As the belt turns it spins the alternator. The alternator produces an AC voltage that is converted to DC voltage by the bridge rectifier. A normal output voltage from the alternator is 14.4 volts, enough to charge a 12 volt battery.

The starting system includes components such as the ignition switch, starter motor, battery and connected wiring. The starter motor rotates the engine until it can rotate on its own power. When a vehicle is started current flows from the closed ignition switch to the starter solenoid. When the started solenoid is activated it pushes the start pinion gear outwards so that it engages with the fly wheel gear. At the same time it also allows current to the starter motor causing the pinion gear to spin. The spinning pinion gear rotates the flywheel until the engine can rotate on its own.

If you are having issues with starting your engine or have warning lights related to your charging system, give us a call to set up a diagnostic appointment. BB’s is conveniently located in Olive Branch, MS, a short distance from the Greater Memphis area. Call us at 662-892-8790.




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