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BB’s Is Open!

We are still open to serve you! 🚗 We are taking this time to deep clean our offices at BB’s, and we are taking the necessary steps to prevent the spread of this virus. We are asking everyone to please be courteous at this time and not enter our offices if you have...

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BB’s Is Here to Serve You

We pray everyone is staying safe and well during these uncertain times. BB’s Euromotors is open to service your BMW, Mercedes or Mini Cooper, as the vehicle service and repair industry has been deemed an essential service. We are taking every precaution to sanitize...

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Now Hiring – Technician

Help us spread the word! BB’s Euromotors is still in need of a service technician for a full time position. Two years late model European automotive experience with knowledge and experience on current models needed. Our shop is equipped with the latest diagnostic...

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Recommended Oil Changes Every 5,000 Miles

BB’s Euromotors suggests an oil change every 5,000 miles for your BMW, Mercedes or Mini Cooper. Why? Vehicles now have small porting of interior parts and higher operating temperatures which allow for sludge to build up faster. Sludge build up can cause catastrophic...

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How Does Your Engine Work?

Ever wonder how parts of your engine work together to keep your car running? Let us break down some of the inner workings of your engine: Internal combustion engines use hot expanding gases to push against the piston. The downward movement of the piston is converted...

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Starting and Charging

Often times customers bring their vehicles to us for either a charging system malfunction light or because their car won’t spin-over/won’t start. Typically, the charging system malfunction light means an issue with the alternator or battery. A car that...

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Fluid Maintenance

Each fluid in your vehicle serves an important role. Fluid such as engine oil and gear lube work to lubricate the moving parts of the vehicle. Engine antifreeze transfers heat from the engine to the vehicle cabin in cold weather or to the outside air in hot weather....

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Why Recommended Routine Maintenance?

Routine maintenance is essential for your BMW, Mercedes, Mini, VW or Audi to run at its best. BB’s highly suggests following the recommended maintenance for your vehicle in order to prevent engine damage and costly repairs in the future. Oil changes every 5,000...

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Do you need to change your air filters?

Spring brought all of the pollen here in the South! With all that pollen, your air might not be as clean as you’d like! All of that yellow dust can wreak havoc on your cabin and engine air filters. During every oil service at BB’s Euromotors we make sure to...

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